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Clients often approach DEPSTA with a general idea of what they need and ask us to extract the detail and deliver the solution.  We've worked with companies of all sizes and budget; from a highly complex, £200m legislative track & trace solution to a small industry 4.0 analytics and predictive maintenance tool.

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One of the biggest costs of solution maintenance is as a result of an organisations failure to correctly identify the root cause of the problem.  Fixing a symptom is more than just a sticking plaster solution. Its an on going cost, both operationally and financially, that can sometimes lead to incorrect assumption a solution needs replacing with a more expensive option.

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We examine what organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategise using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Many projects are unsuccessful because of poor standardisation of master data management.  We've been involved in some of the biggest data standardisations projects in the world and are well versed in how best to identify, cleanse and migrate master data to your new ways of working and then utilise this core data source to create applications that are highly configurable and flexible.

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The secret to a successful process is understanding your core ways of working, identifying opportunities to leverage natural shortcuts and using the workforce to embed these.  Our approach challenges the "we've always done it like this" culture and takes full advantage of a users own experience in finding the quickest way to achieve a task.


The success of any solution is heavily dependant on its ability to minimise exception processes. We've built a reputation for working with organisations to optimise processes, eliminate exceptions and deliver lean applications that not only improve ROI but also leave your workforce engaged & empowered.

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With our DevOps offering, you can quickly unlock your organisation’s innovation and agility. Our team is well-versed in the latest DevOps and agile practices to capture your minimum viable product and deliver this in a deployable state based on high quality design, build and test.


We shorten your project timelines by enabling and industrialising your processes whilst embedding an agile approach to requirements and design delivery.  We work with your resources to ensure that collaboration, ownership and transparency is at the core of your project team.

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Illicit trade affects businesses, governments and individuals by undermining intellectual property, taxation revenues and consumer experience.  The fight against illicit trade is taking many forms and a key part of this is supply chain tracking and verification which allows businesses, governments and individuals to control, validate and consume verified products.

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With more people being used to using apps and technology the IT landscape for organisations is changing beyond recognition. Whilst there is still a need for enterprise solutions to manage standardisation there is an increasing need to respond to the demand for smaller, niche apps that empower individuals and teams to deliver services in an effective way.

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With financial penalties and levies being imposed for late or non delivery of compliance data it is critical for your organisation to be able to visualise in realtime the message transactions that are flowing through your systems. Our proprietary XTRAX monitoring solution enables a pro-active view of your mission critical message flows to ensure any bottlenecks, delays or corruption are immediately highlighted and acted upon.

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As demand for reporting data to various government authorities grows, so does variability in message triggers, structure & content. Our proprietary XTRAX Orchestration solution enables your organisation to maintain a single way of operational working whilst meeting the varying demands of each authority. XTRAX allows you to collect, transpose and deliver your data accurately and efficiently.

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Although we are at the forefront of designing processes and solutions that meet regulatory compliance we also understand that the human touch can sometimes cause unexpected results.  To counteract this, we are equipped to execute detailed audits and fit gap analyses to understand where risks to non compliance exist and provide recommendation to counter this.